Thin Film Processing

Thin film circuit manufacturingTeledyne Labtech's high performance thin film circuit manufacturing capability is supported by an experienced team of microwave engineers and technicians delivering a responsive and quick turnaround service.  Our in-house facility is located in a class 10,000 clean room and has the following process capabilities:

  • 2"X2" alumina tiles (0.010 – 0.25 inches)
  • Integral nichrome (NiCr) resistors at 50 ohm – 200 ohm per square
  • Resistor tolerance - 10%
  • Metallisation by electroplating (gold)
  • Line widths – 18 microns with 10 micron gaps
  • Wet chemical etching
  • Chrome & silver halide masks used for image generation
  • PTH and NPTH via holes - chemical and mechanical PTH connections
  • Diamond sawing and laser pocket generation
  • Carrier attach to expansion matched W/Cu carriers

Teledyne Labtech offer this process to external customers.  Please contact the Miton Keynes factory for further details.


THF Processing 2.jpgTHF Processing 1.jpgTHF circuit microelectronic assembly

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